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Need a Certificate of Origin, EUR-certificate

or Legalisation of a document?


Order per document at 
a supplier 

Request documents by yourself 
at the Chamber of Commerce



Requesting a Certificate of Origin or EUR.1 certificate can be challenging. The suppliers that we work with will gladly arrange this for you. Via our service EDO Essentials you can easily cope with an export document. You supply the information, they take care of the document. 
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Do you want to request your Certificate of Origin, EUR.1 certificate, Legalisation or other documents at the Chamber of Commerce by yourself? ExportDocumenten Online is an user-friendly application with time-saving functions such as an address book, templates and other smart tools. 
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         only € 16,50 per document


Need documents regularly?

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Export documents:

Certificate of Origin
Legalisation and Certification
A-TR and CMR


EDO Essentials: single request
EDO Business Light: 12-35 documents per year 
EDO Business: 35 or more requests per year
EDO Business for Suppliers



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